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No employment rights for unemployed people

05 Dec 2012, by in Society & Welfare

Amidst all the concerns about the effect the Autumn Statement will have on benefit claimants there is a risk that the implications for unemployed people of another announcement may pass unnoticed. Janet has just pointed out that hardly anyone supported the government’s “rights for shares” plans, but they’re still pressing ahead.

The government’s repeated justification for this is “the new status is voluntary“.

Except for one group: unemployed people. People on Jobseeker’s Allowance who turn down ’employee owner status’ jobs will lose some or all of their benefits. The BIS document setting out the government’s response to the consultation on these proposals makes this plain:

12.5 The Government wants to help unemployed people move into work as quickly as possible and JSA claimants are normally required to accept reasonable offers of work. If they do not, there can be a sanction if the jobseeker does not have good reason – and what constitutes good reason is considered on a case by case basis.

12.6 A concern was raised during the consultation that jobseekers would be adversely affected by this new status. The existing rules and decision making process on eligibility would apply, and the case by case approach may be the best way forward for this new status, but we will consider further as the law is finalised.

Unemployed people, it seems won’t be allowed to hang on to their rights.

2 Responses to No employment rights for unemployed people

  1. Bill Kruse
    Dec 5th 2012, 6:35 pm

    And increasingly in Osborne’s Britain, that’s more and more people being denied basic employment rights. First they sack them using cuts as the excuse, then they insist they’re rehired without rights. No doubt Osborne and his muddled friends think this is clever but I think myself it brings us all closer to massive social unrest…

  2. Jonathan Maher
    Dec 6th 2012, 12:30 am

    Osborne and his dumb pals are really laying the groundwork for a massive reaction from the public.
    Just why any company would want this silly scheme for their employees.
    Anyway paper shares are useless, employees on these schemes will be given third rate shares and have their voting rights diluted.
    So its possible to have a multi tiered workforce with many different types of contracts… causing chaos in HR departments.
    Osborne wants a ‘Chinese workforce’ cowed and frightened on terrible wages and no conditions.
    Shame Gideon fails to realise that the Chinese have already corned the market in cheap labour…