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The different treatment of pensions and other benefits

05 Dec 2012, by in Society & Welfare

I am not a big fan of the argument that the old are screwing the young. But George Osborne will certainly feed it today.

His clever political wheeze was to freeze benefits at one per cent. This is going to be written into statute (at present the law requires them to be linked to inflation) and he thinks that challenging Labour to vote against this cut in living standards will expose them as the scrounger’s friend.

But he also boasted of the government’s triple lock for state retirement pensions which will see them rise by at least 2.5 per cent (even for millionaires!) in the future.

This is divisive. Pensioners do seem to have been defined as the deserving while the unemployed, parents and the working age disabled as undeserving. There is no doubt they will suffer.

I have a suspicion that the near-automatic public support for any and every attack on benefits may be coming to an end.