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Exports: Where is Britain in the Global Race?

18 Feb 2013, by Guest in Economics

Infographic showing Britain's export performance in comparison to other G7 nations

Exports are perhaps the simplest way to measure performance in the ‘global race’ and the UK has been doing extremely badly over the past two years. The Government like to blame the international economy for all our current woes but in reality many of our problems (government austerity, the squeeze on living standards) are domestic.  Whilst the international climate is no doubt troubled, the UK is doing far worse than our peers when it comes to export performance. Whilst  the global economy is in bad shape, other major countries are managing to export more.

View a larger version of the infographic here or click on the image.

Global Race article series graphicGlobal Race: Part of the Global Race series; looking at Britain’s economic growth in comparison to other major economies.

One Response to Exports: Where is Britain in the Global Race?

  1. jonathan
    Feb 18th 2013, 3:22 pm

    I took a quick look at the pound v. euro values over the same time period and the pound, as you likely know, is up overall against it. Hard to evaluate policy effects when that happens, except to say any good seems to have been canceled.