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Why jobs are key to international development

02 Feb 2013, by in International

I’ve contributed an article to the “international development” weekend over at Labour List which Shadow International Development Minister Ivan Lewis is curating.

My contribution looks at the role of jobs in development, and suggests that work holds the key to the transformation of poverty around the world, in the same way that it was the lynch pin of the post-war boom in Europe and the USA. My top three post-2015 goals would be:

  • sustainable growth based on decent work;
  • a social protection floor, comprehensive health services and quality education; and
  • rights-based democracies with strong civil societies.

And I end with this thought:

“In the UK, we used to think that absolute poverty at home already was history. That poverty was a matter of geography alone. Now we face a common struggle to remake the world in Beveridge’s image.”

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