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The world needs tax justice

27 Mar 2013, by in International

I’m in Tunis on the south coast of the Mediterranean for the World Social Forum this week, and tomorrow (Thursday) the TUC will be co-sponsoring an event on tax justice and the Robin Hood Tax. Our aim is to spread he case for the Robin Hood Tax to progressive movements outside of Europe and the USA where campaigning has concentrated, and make the links between a financial transactions tax and the broader tax justice movement.

If you know anyone who’ll be at the World Social Forum on Thursday, ask them to pop along to Room M211 from 9am to Noon.

The reason for making the link between these issues is that voices from the global south have pointed out that, for them, the Robin Hood Tax would not have the same enormous issue it would in the centres of the financial industry like London, New York and Frankfurt.

We met with trade unionists and development campaigners from around the world yesterday to discuss this year’s global campaigning. They told us that tax justice was a key agenda for them, as it would unlock resources multinational enterprises are stealing from the global south through tax havens and other avoidance schemes, stripping national exchequers of the money needed to fund quality public services and growth. It’s estimated that tax justice would deliver far more resources for development than overseas aid does now.

So on Thursday in Tunis, campaigners like Lidy Nacpil from Jubilee South in the Philippines, and development NGOs like Oxfam will share a platform with Belgian trade union leader Anne Demelenne and Attac Norway. The workshop is also sponsored by the ETUC, Public Services International, War on Want and the Robin Hood Tax campaign. See you there?