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Tinkering with the immigration machinery

27 Mar 2013, by in Public services

Another report on the Home Office’s troubled record over immigration (this time from the Home Affairs Select Committee), another reorganisation of the service. I can’t remember how many times the Borders Agency and its predecessors have been rearranged, but I’m pretty sure that the solution now proposed will not – amazingly – be perfect, when so many other cunning plans have all failed.

The TUC joined PCS, the union representing most of the people working in the service, in suggesting that the real issue is lack of resources. Yet another reorganisation will probably make matters worse, by using up more of the little money that’s left after successive cuts and increased workload.

Frances O’Grady said that:

“Tinkering with the structures is just like rearranging the deckchairs.

“Running the immigration service on a shoestring is the problem, with overworked staff unable to deliver the service people expect and the economy needs.

Meanwhile, trafficking will continue, migrants will continue to be given bogus self-employment rather than real jobs, and exploitation by bad employers will continue to threaten existing workers with undercutting of already pressurised terms and conditions.