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US employer claims control over EU legislation

23 Apr 2013, by in International

Hubris is a word that people often misuse. But boy have we got an example for you! Thomas Donohue, the big-mouth chief executive of the US Chamber of Commerce, told a conference last weekend that “I have news for you: we will not allow the FTT to happen.”

That’s the head of the US employers’ organisation claiming that he can determine whether 11 democratically-run European countries can introduce a Financial Transactions Tax. I’d call it the Robin Hood Tax, but I might have to ask Thomas Donohue’s permission  first!

US trade union leader AFLCIO President Rich Trumka commented that:

“Thomas Donohue doesn’t speak for the American people, and he certainly doesn’t speak for working Americans, who are just as enthusiastic about a Financial Transactions Tax as Europe is. We believe democratically elected governments should have the right to tax the financial sector with or without the blessing of U.S. employers.”

We agree with Rich.