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VIDEO: Why is the Bedroom Tax unfair?

23 Apr 2013, by in Society & Welfare

The Bedroom Tax is unfair because it will force children and disabled people into poverty. It will make it harder for unemployed people to get work and, as this short video shows, it is impossible for everyone to obey it. The Bedroom Tax will make Britain a harsher, more unequal place and unions want you to join us in saying NO to it.

3 Responses to VIDEO: Why is the Bedroom Tax unfair?

  1. HindleA
    Apr 24th 2013, 2:50 am

    This policy is an utter disgrace.For all the reasons stated.When a Government utters one “justification “for it ,it is easilly dismissed and they move to another equally fallacious one.If it is to save money-why the exemption to pensioners?;to make work pay-for those not even expected to work and /or those already working at maximal levels due to circumstances?To move-when there is a woeful lack of available properties and/or it would lead to an increase in housing benefit costs?.The truth is there is no justification.Mr Excell is correct,even in financial terms it will not save money but cost more I would argue that given the fact that it particularly effects the disabled/sick and their carers-current arrangements are by far the cheapest option available,given any alternative the costs may be immense over time.Home dialysis -particularly haemodialysis-where a designated room is needed saves the NHS many thousands compared to hospital provision,as but one example,is now the preferred option-an option now subject to a financial penalty-a ridiculous state of affairs and surely questioningly legal-to be financially penalised for life saving treatment ?AT a time of a “crisis in care” it is both misanthropic and falsely economic to disadvantage the cheapest and independent enhancing method of such arrangements.Thank you Mr Excell,all decent people must speak out.

  2. HindleA
    Apr 24th 2013, 3:00 am

    Sorry just to add.The Government claims it was “too hard” to outline exemptions (beyond the stated ones)But for many years there has been a reduction in council tax for properties for reasons of disability-wheelchair user/ adapted rooms for bathroom/toilet/rooms for dialysis etc-nationally stated-locally verified-they would already have this information/or will have now due to CTax changes-not hard at all.

  3. ron krygier
    May 22nd 2013, 6:52 pm

    this bedroom tax is the worest thing this nazi goverment has ever done and the people must get them out off power