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Britain needs a cartoon

21 Jun 2013, by in Economics

It’s not often TUC research inspires a cartoon.

We love this. It’s from the Ripped-off Britons website. We hope they won’t mind us borrowing it.

One Response to Britain needs a cartoon

  1. John
    Jun 22nd 2013, 1:29 am

    ´´The Parliamentary Commission recommends jailing reckless bankers and enforcing a wait of up to 10 years for bonuses. The chancellor must restore confidence in the financial system by making top bankers more accountable following the 2008 bank bailouts, as well as a list of other offences including the Libor rigging scandal, and the shoddy treatment of customers mis-sold payment protection insurance. The commission also described UK Financial Investments, the body set up to look up after the taxpayers’ stakes in the bailed-out banks, as a “fig leaf” to hide political interference by the chancellor. GUARDIAN´´.

    This statement says it all……. Nonetheless a good article + cartoon for the weekend Nigel Stanley.