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TUC Economic Quarterly Report: #1

26 Jun 2013, by in Economic Reports

This new TUC Economic Quarterly Report provides an analysis of UK economic and labour market developments over the three months to June 2013.

In this first edition, we show that growth has been weak and rebalancing is not occurring, with very little progress on deficit reduction; that the Labour market is essentially stagnant and we are now in our fourth year of real wage falls; and that government cuts have an especially severe impact on the construction sector.

Read or download the Quarterly Report at the TUC site.

One Response to TUC Economic Quarterly Report: #1

  1. JR
    Jul 8th 2013, 5:46 am

    This is very distressing I dont have much hope the economy will ever recover. I have been forced to start my own website as a result about graphing calculators