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VIDEO: Employment trends September 2013

19 Sep 2013, by in Labour market

September’s employment figures showed the number of people in employment rising. However, I’ve recorded this video to show that this increase is entirely due to rising numbers of people over retirement age in employment, many of whom cannot afford to retire. At the same time, average wages are falling in real terms, and living standards are falling.

One Response to VIDEO: Employment trends September 2013

  1. Markus Petz
    Sep 22nd 2013, 9:04 am

    I like the analyses and clear simple speaking here. But what I would like to know is how does Britain compare with Ireland or Scandinavia or other North European countries.

    And if Britain was analysed regionally how does Scotland stack up against Wales or England where there are slightly different policies being carried out.

    Are there some successes in some parts, for example I have read that the East Midlands Region is doing quite well compared with the North East, which is doing quite badly. Is this a fair picture of what is happening there? I realize that you can play the splitting game to individual people or houses :P but in this case some such analyses might provide ways to help people rather than just passively reporting doom and gloom.