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Universal Credit: smaller than you may have thought

05 Dec 2013, by in Society & Welfare

The government has pushed back the timetable for the introduction of Universal Credit even more than I had realised. This morning I posted about Iain Duncan Smith’s announcement of this delay, which looked pretty shambolic, but didn’t actually give any numbers. Today’s Economic and Fiscal Outlook  from the Office for Budget Responsibility fills that gap (also available in an Excel file).

Their “caseload assumptions” have changed drastically from those they published in March – then they expected 1.7 million Universal Credit claimants in 2014-15 now they expect 0. In March, they expected 4.5 million claimants in 2015-16; now they expect 400,000. And so it goes:

Unemp 5It looks as though, by the time of the election, we will have about 100,000 people claiming Universal Credit.