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As Benefits Street (almost) comes to an end it’s time to get benefit street wise

10 Feb 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Think that ‘welfare reform’ cuts money from those playing the system to make it fairer for the hard-working majority?

But most who lose are working. Many who have paid into our national insurance system for years now find they get far less help when they deserve it most.

Come with us down a typical street and learn their stories. Get benefits street wise.

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One Response to As Benefits Street (almost) comes to an end it’s time to get benefit street wise

  1. Robert Wootton
    Feb 11th 2014, 8:56 am

    When I started p/t work at Asda in 2008, I got £60 per week WTC. The following year it was £30 per week WTC. Then the following year it was zero.

    I feel sorry for those families whose children are near school leaving age. They will lose their entitlement to Child Benefit and EMA has been abolished. This will mean a substantial drop in income just when their children are growing into adults and “eating them out of house and home” as the saying goes. A rise in their weekly shopping bill is on the cards.

    This would be ok if the children could just walk into full time jobs as was possible in the 1950s and could make a financial contribution to the household budget.

    The government says it has created a million jobs, including apprenticeships but is that enough?