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NHS Pay Review Body ignored; NHS staff denied

13 Mar 2014, by Guest in Public services

The Pay Review Body report released today confirms the case for applying the maximum possible uplift to pay for NHS staff.  The Government has ignored this for staff working in England.  Nurses, paramedics, healthcare managers, porters, cleaners, medical records staff and healthcare assistants alike have been sent a clear message by Jeremy Hunt – that he wants to cut further and deeper and they are the ones who will have to pay.  NHS staff in England will only get 1% if they are at the top of their pay band – which means that over two thirds of staff will miss out. 

The real sting in the tail is that this 1% will not be ‘consolidated’ but will come in the form of a cash sum.  So a nurse, paramedic, occupational therapist or accounts manager with 7 years’ experience will receive a sum amounting to just over a fiver a week. 

UNISON argued strongly that the priorities for pay this year should be:

  • to address the massive and widening gap between pay and the cost of living
  • to prevent a fracturing of NHS pay across country lines
  • to end poverty pay in the NHS by uplifting the lowest two pay points to meet the Living Wage

The Department of Health for England has failed to do any of these things.

What’s more, Mr Hunt has threatened to repeat this pay policy next year too, unless staff are prepared to trade their incremental progression and other contractual terms.  Given that some unions are already talking about formal action, is Mr Hunt prepared for the consequences of ignoring the PRB? By denying a pay rise to the majority of nhs staff, Hunt is saving nearly £300m but at what cost?

6 Responses to NHS Pay Review Body ignored; NHS staff denied

  1. Mrs Kay Wild
    Mar 13th 2014, 4:17 pm

    I agree with an uplift in pay for the bottom grades, i am grade 2 clinical support worker at Sheffield teaching hospitals trust . i undertake extended roles – cannulation, phlebotomy , perform ECGS .i have been at the top of this grade for years and my only pay rise may be 1% ?? !!! These are trained clinical roles ,the team who do cleaning for mrsa deep cleaning get the same pay . trained nurses get pay related to their roles anyone below their grade is very poorly paid. The government really does NHS workers a disservise.

  2. John Slater
    Mar 13th 2014, 8:56 pm

    How can MPs take an 11% pay rise and then give the NHS workers nothing. They don’t understand A4change as that saved the government money by not paying the full rate for many years as workers progressed through increments. There have already been massive cuts, staff are stretched and budgets cut each year. So how can budgets be cut each year and the NHS have no money.

    With MPs getting 11% this is dual standards, they have not fought this through.

    In addition staff have seen their wage cut significantly each year with increased pension contributions, extended retirement age and lower pensions.

    The economy is recovering they mention in one breath then cut in the next.

    They support overseas aid to countries with space program’s rather than nhs workers.

    Shocking politics

  3. barry moye
    Mar 14th 2014, 5:56 am

    Year on Year the budget in the NHS is being eroded and we are told efficiency savings !

    Now we are told no pay rise we cant afford it right. Back to the good old days of the Conservatives in the 80,s where the NHS was on its knees. Yet again this fantastic government use every tactic to destroy the best health system in the world.
    Come and work for a week on the wards and talk to the people who care for millions each day. Then you will see demoralisation

  4. toetee ram
    Mar 15th 2014, 11:00 pm

    Its all about privatisation of the NHS. If you remove the incentives people will not want to work for the NHS. Staff moral will plumett and patients will become disatisfied and then the CONDEMS can say that the NHS is failing and the solution will be to privatise! This in my opinion is an evil govt. How can any one justify seeking to profit from the suffering of others. I am sure next year they will try to cut some of our entilements like annual leave etc.

  5. hugh moore
    Mar 20th 2014, 8:55 pm

    11% pay rise for all would be fair, 1% for all would also be fair, not sure why mp’s have decided their needs are greater than other working people,perhaps it’s become more difficult to claim expenses and politicians are feeling the pinch. This Government can seemingly do as it pleases as there is no effective deterrent to the rapacious policy decisions made by the coalition government and the lack of any effective opposition to these tactics

  6. Steve Clifton
    Mar 26th 2014, 7:47 pm

    I would question if giving some NHS staff a 1% rise and others nothing is unlawful.
    For example worker 1 is 3 points from the top of his pay scale. Worker 2 doing exactly the same job as worker 1 is at the top of the same pays scale as worker 1.
    After 3 years worker 2 will be earning more money than worker 1 for doing the same job. This is not pay equality, and if you take into consideration Gender, you may find that this practice is in breach of the pay equality act.
    However if the final increment is adjusted to compensate for the pay differential, both workers will be on the same rate of pay after 3 years. This has not been confirmed with the Government proposals,
    There will however have been 3 years where worker 2 has been paid more than worker 1.
    This government seems to ignore the fact that the pay increments within the NHS are earned by experience and now need to be validated by appraisal. They are not “cost of living” rises and can be compared to pay rises gained whilst completing an apprenticeship and proving your worth.
    I am surprised that the legality of the governments proposals have not bee questioned, as I can foresee a number of class action suits being filed regarding this poorly thought out and unfair plan to save what is realistically small change.