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Minimum wage cheats – Why not name all of them?

24 Feb 2015, by in Working Life

The government has named a further 70 employers caught underpaying the minimum wage. This is welcome news, which brings the total named in the past year up to 162.

However, they should now go on and name the other 490 employers caught cheating last year.

In addition, they should take some of the worst employers to court, including repeat offenders and those committing aggravated offences such as keeping false records.

Beyond that, we believe that there are still far too many minimum wage cheats who are not getting caught. The TUC has published a 10-point plan for stronger minimum wage enforcement and this should be rolled out as quickly as possible, including hiring 100 more wage inspectors.

Whether employers are deliberately bilking their workers out of the minimum wage or simply being careless they should all take note. There is now a reasonable chance that they will be caught, charged a financial penalty and see their business exposed in the national media, with all the reputational consequences that will ensue.  It is both illegal and immoral not to pay the minimum wage.

2 Responses to Minimum wage cheats – Why not name all of them?

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  2. Sue Groves
    Apr 3rd 2015, 10:12 pm

    Minimum wage is exactly what it says. It is the bare minimum, you don’t live on it you exist. The Living Wage is better although non London living wage doesn’t take account of high cost areas. Any company cheating on minimum wage should be prosecuted as well as named and shamed.