From the TUC

Burnout Britain Mapped: employees missing out on paid holidays by nation and region

30 Jul 2015, by in Working Life

New figures indicate that 1,669,000 employees are missing out on their minimum legal entitlement to paid holidays. That’s an average of 6.4% of workers not taking up their legal rights. But this problem isn’t uniform across the UK, nor across all sectors, as you can see below.

Missed holidays vary hugely by sector. Over 35% of employees in households don’t get their entitled holidays:


The entire onus for resolving this is on the employee. It’s become even harder for employees to get their rights employment tribunal fees were introduced. The TUC’s Frances O’Grady said:

“Some employers deliberately stop staff from taking the leave and holiday pay they’re entitled to, whereas other workers lose out from poor management and failure to keep up with the law.

“Workers should not be cheated out of their holidays through illegal and unfair practices by employers. We are in danger of seeing a burnout Britain where workers feel pressured to give up their holidays and increase their hours.

“We are worried that David Cameron’s EU renegotiation may take away our statutory holiday entitlements by opting-out of the Working Time Directive. These figures on the number of people missing out on their holiday rights clearly show that the rules need to be strengthened rather than weakened further.”