From the TUC

Where were the measures to address the continuing housing shortage?

08 Jul 2015, by in Society & Welfare

Today the Chancellor made a number of announcements in relation to housing, primarily in relation to people claiming benefits for social housing. Young people in particular will suffer as the government are abolishing the automatic entitlement for young people aged 18-21 to receive housing benefit. 

The one per cent cut in housing benefit for four years for social housing tenants may help to address the increase in social housing rents, which continue to rise. But it will be hindrance to housing associations to increase the number of social housing homes

And families in social housing earning £40,000 in London and those earning £30,000 outside London will have to pay the market rate. This is an odd priority for the Chancellor at a time of housing shortages.

The measures the Chancellor announced to address the buy-to-let market for the withdrawal of higher rate tax relief that landlords receive are needed.  However this should to be matched by greater rights for tenants.

But nothing was announced to address the chronic lack of housing we are experiencing. This continues and measures are needed to address to the shortage of housing in both the private and social housing sector and rising house prices and rents. This budget may go some way in doing the latter by dampening the surge in the private rental market but we have yet to see.