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Joining the trade union bloc on Sunday’s march for climate, jobs and justice

25 Nov 2015, by in Environment

The trade union bloc on Sunday’s march for Climate, Jobs and Justice looks to be heading towards a 7,000-strong voice and rising. It’s no accident that Jobs for a low carbon future is a one of the three core demands of Sunday’s march – with the Chancellor’s cuts to renewable energy jobs and investment very much in mind. On Sunday, TU platform speakers making the case for a global climate change treaty to drive investment in green jobs and skills include Sue Ferns on behalf of the TUC General Council, Chris Baugh, PCS, and Matt Wrack, FBU.

In September, TUC Congress 2015 backed demands for a “trade union mobilisation around the Paris COP21 climate talks including the national march for climate, justice, jobs on 29th November in London.” The call formed part of a wider trade union motion on productivity and investment.

The whole issue of green and decent jobs remains central to the ITUC’s key demands for the Paris conference:

  • Raise ambition and realise the huge jobs potential of climate action.
  • Hold global warming to below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
  • Deliver on the $100 billion of climate finance a year by 2020 for developing countries to secure sufficient resources to adapt to climate change.
  • Commit to securing a just transition and decent work for workers and their communities in the shift to a low carbon future.

As the intergovernmental negotiations stand before Paris, the UN has included union calls for a Just Transition and Decent Work into a draft negotiating text.

Inside the UN talks, our challenge is to make sure  through meetings with official delegations that the Just Transition and Decent Work principles are included in the Paris Treaty itself:

  • A Just transition gives unions a voice in the massive industrial changes and infrastructure investments that lie ahead – in energy supply, transport, motor vehicles, energy efficiency, impacts on energy intensive industries, carbon capture & storage projects, homes insulation and reskilling the workforce.
  • Decent Work is our fight for safe, secure, well paid, union organised jobs in the transition to a low carbon economy.”

On the fringe, as part of the ITUC’s two-day workshop programme in Paris on 3 and 4 December, the TUC is organising an international workshop on What we mean by Just Transition and how do we get there, (3 December), with speakers from Ghana, Canada, Belgium, Norway and the UK.  And we hope to showcase the TUC’s work with our affiliates on a low carbon industrial strategy for Yorkshire and the Humber on Friday 4 December.

And on Monday, 7 December, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy is hosting A Conversation with Naomi Klein and UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, titled Now is Not the Time for Small Steps: Solutions to the Climate Crisis and the Role of Trade Unions, with a panel of trade union commentators, including Clara Paillard, PCS, and union delegates from the Phillipines, Canada and the US.

3 Responses to Joining the trade union bloc on Sunday’s march for climate, jobs and justice

  1. James Godfrey
    Nov 25th 2015, 11:50 am

    Thanks for publicising. Here’s to a massive union turnout with our banners flying high and lots of orange…

  2. James Godfrey
    Nov 25th 2015, 11:51 am

    Here’s to a massive union turnout ‘in orange’ and with lots of banners! Spread the word…

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