From the TUC

Our pensions are still leaving many behind

01 Mar 2016, by in Pensions & Investment

The respected Pensions Policy Institute is today publishing a report, sponsored by the TUC and others, looking at those groups who remain under-pensioned.

It shows that despite the remarkable success of automatic enrolment in bringing around six million more people into workplace pensions, those who have been traditionally badly served by the pensions system are still suffering grave inequalities: women, those from BME groups, carers, disabled and the self-employed.

My own contribution to this debate is a blog for Left Foot Forward, arguing that it is vital that employers, employees and government come together to build a new pensions consensus. We need to build on the early achievements to expand auto-enrolment’s reach to often marginalised groups and ensure that enough is being contributed to give workers a good chance of achieving a decent standard of living in old age.