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The North East is England’s insecure work hot spot

15 Mar 2017, by in Labour market

The North East is becoming England’s hot spot for insecure work with two out of three new jobs in the last five years falling into this category.

One in nine workers in the region are now in insecure jobs: seasonal, casual, temporary or agency work, including zero-hours contracts and low-paid self-employed roles.

The TUC estimates that over 3 million people now work in insecure jobs. Our previous analysis showed that the number of insecure jobs has soared by 27 per cent, or 660,000 over the past five years. We can now see that there are huge regional differences in how these jobs are distributed.

Jobs growth since 2011 by insecure and secure work

Whereas the North East and the North West stand out for the largest net increases in insecure work since 2011, London stands out for very different reasons. Not only has the capital seem the largest growth in employment, the capital has also recorded the highest increase in the proportion of work that is seen as ‘secure’ employment.

Insecure and secure work contribution to employment growth 

My blog yesterday showed how London has had:

  • the highest growth in employee jobs
  • the smallest loss in public sector jobs
  • and the highest growth in private sector jobs.

We can now add that it has had:

  • the highest increase in proportion of work that is seen as secure employment.

Annex: Regional employment data

regional employment data

All data used is from ONS – Q4 2011-2016

One Response to The North East is England’s insecure work hot spot

  1. John
    Mar 16th 2017, 3:01 am

    The government cabinet has very nice pay, pension, holidays; a second house in or near the city plus there own(?) private medical cover plus life insurance; travel expenses, etc. An absolute whole world away from those without work or in insecure work as you mentioned above Anjum Klair.

    Is it really going to get any better after Brexit; maybe for London & the South East; but for the north east & west of England a big question mark? Most importantly will it happen very soon or after the next election? By then there needs to be a very very effective opposition, like there was in 1996/7.

    Thankyou for your concerning articles to date.