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Immigration – confusion and inaction from government

28 Jul 2017, by in Labour market

The Home Secretary’s announcement yesterday on post-Brexit immigration plans was barely out the door before the government’s all-encompassing confusion over Brexit enveloped it. Amber Rudd’s junior minister, Brandon Lewis, contradicted her spin if not her substance, almost immediately. Meanwhile, the government continues to fail to take initiatives it could already take which would go a long way…

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Putting the foxes in charge of the migration hen house

18 Apr 2017, by in Public services

The Financial Times has a story today (behind the paywall) suggesting that the government’s new visa system for EU migrants will have to be enforced not by the Home Office or the Borders Agency but by employers, landlords and universities, because of cuts to the civil service. That would, indeed, build on the government’s existing…

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New institutions needed to address concerns about migration

08 Mar 2017, by in Labour market

The Government has decided that ‘taking back control’ of the UK’s borders is more important than anything else, more important in particular than working people’s jobs and living standards. Even if immigration numbers don’t actually come down as a result, the Government is prepared to abandon membership of the EU single market and customs union, even though that…

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Why liberal approaches to migration won’t work

08 Jan 2017, by in International

While he was a member of the coalition government, Vince Cable was one of the main proponents of a liberal immigration policy, in particular arguing for greater openness to Indian migration as a necessary and even beneficial component of an EU-India trade deal. So his apparent conversion to opposing EU free movement has hit the…

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What Migration Watch aren’t telling you about what leaving the single market would mean

30 Dec 2016, by in International

Migration Watch, the anti-immigration organisation, published a report yesterday calling for the UK to leave the single market to reduce net EU immigration. Like so much of what is said about migration, the incomplete nature of the argument is deliberately misleading. In particular, Migration Watch are guilty of hiding the true costs to working people of…

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Chancellor should ensure more money for a fairer deal on migration

22 Nov 2016, by in International

Yesterday the TUC released a report calling on the Chancellor to use the Autumn Financial Statement on Wednesday to significantly increase the amount going to a Migration Impacts Fund so that areas that have experienced industrial decline, cuts to services and significant recent increases in migration receive additional funds. The TUC is calling for a significantly expanded…

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Tackling teacher shortages is not only about migration policy

15 Sep 2016, by in International

The TUC has submitted evidence to the Migration Advisory Committee’s review of teacher shortages, highlighting that shortages that are currently being experienced in primary and secondary schools across the country require urgent action by the government. Migrant workers play an important role as teachers in schools here, with one in six new teachers entering the profession…

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Even with Brexit deal unknown, the government can act now to manage migration better

04 Aug 2016, by in International

While there is still considerable uncertainty about whether or how free movement will feature in any Brexit negotiation, there are many actions the government could take right now which would tackle the negative impact poorly implemented migration policies, particularly when combined with poor regulation in the labour market and cuts to essential services, have had on communities. We’ve…

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