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Is neo-liberalism a religion?

04 Nov 2010, by in International, Politics

It’s the census next year and there’s always some debate about what religions should be monitored. In 2001, of course, thousands of people described their religion as Jedi Knight.  But after listening to Mark Littlewood, the Director of the Institute for Economic Affairs on the Today programme, this morning, I’m thinking it’s time to start…

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Of Debts and Deficits

19 Oct 2010, by in Economic Reports

Download the 3rd Economic Report The TUC’s latest Economic Report contains the usual round-up of the latest data plus a detailed briefing on public deficits, debt and what the cuts could mean for individual departments and welfare.

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Office for Budget Responsibility Changes

12 Oct 2010, by in Economics

The Chancellor has just announced in the Commons that the OBR will have new terms of reference to ensure its independence.  It will also be located outside the Treasury and the Treasury Select Committee will have a veto over the appointment of the three members of the OBR.  This body might become a serious organisation with…

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Will the cuts be over-shadowed by foreign affairs?

10 Oct 2010, by in International

It is very widely assumed that the cuts will be the issue that makes the political weather for the lifetime of this Parliament.  But could this be overlooking one of the other major effects of the Crash ?  The FT is reporting tonight that an intensification of the current “currency war ” looks likely as a…

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Why reform public sector pensions?

08 Oct 2010, by in Pensions & Investment

I feel I’ve been sorely misled.  I thought the aim of reforming public sector pensions was to end the brutal “pensions apartheid” that so unjustly stains our nation.  Instead it turns out, according to uber-Thatcherite think-tank reform, that it’s all designed to let private companies grab lucrative bits of the public sector for themselves while…

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Ireland: the folly of extreme austerity

23 Sep 2010, by in Economics

The news from Ireland just keeps getting worse.  It has just been announced that the Irish economy shrunk by a full 1.2% in the second quarter of this year.  All the things that very tough austerity was supposed to bring – market credibility, lower interest rates, economic growth – have proved illusory.  The UK’s position…

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Reality dawns on the Government

13 Sep 2010, by in Economics, Politics

Andrew Rawnsley has a great piece in yesterday’s Observer  about how ministers are just becoming aware of the massive political risks associated with their cuts programme.  But it was the passage below that struck me as the most interesting – ministers suddenly realising that all the think-tank talk of excessive waste in the public sector…

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The Deficit: Is Labour Really to Blame?

12 Aug 2010, by in Politics

So common has it become for the White House to blame all bad news on the last administration that a Washington joke claims that Obama is planning to name a newly discovered trench deep under the US, “Bush’s Fault”. Much more of this sort of stuff from the Coalition and maybe we’ll soon see Gordon’s Fault opening up somewhere…

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