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What’s going on with NHS funding?

26 Jun 2013, by in Public services

George Osborne announced a £3.8 bn pooled budget for health and social care in today’s Comprehensive Spending Review. To a certain extent this was a cheeky political attempt to steal some of Andy Burnham’s policy on health and social care integration. Genuinely building a system that links health and social care is good policy. It could help…

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Public service pay and jobs squeeze goes on

26 Jun 2013, by in Public services

Another Spending Review, yet more bad news for public services and the people who work in them. There were three key mentions of public service pay and jobs in today’s statement, although there will be more implications hidden in the small print. Firstly, the Chancellor announced ‘further reductions in the number of people working in the public…

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NHS privatisation battle continues

03 Apr 2013, by in Public services

The most sweeping changes to our NHS since its inception were put in place on Monday. But as the new system grinds into gear the fight continues, including an immediate battle over the competition regulations at the heart of the ‘reforms’. There’s a chance to defeat this core element of the Government’s plans in Parliament…

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Public sector pay squeeze tightens

20 Mar 2013, by in Public services

Public service pay was squeezed yet further in the Budget. Most public sector workers have faced a two-year pay freeze – three years in local government – followed by the prospect of two years with increases capped at a measly 1 per cent, leaving real wages and living standards falling. Today the Chancellor announced yet another year…

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Government climbdown on NHS competition regulations

05 Mar 2013, by in Public services

A flurry of activity by unions, health specialists, politicians and campaigners has borne fruit today, with the announcement that the Government will re-write the NHS competition regulations that have caused such a furore. But vigilance will be needed to make sure the government can’t get away with a watered-down version of the same thing. As…

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Jeremy Hunt’s plans for NHS competition by stealth

27 Feb 2013, by in Public services

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt has proposed new regulations under section 75 of the Health and Social Care Act. The Act became law last March after a long and hard-fought campaign, and these regulations (SI 257) are secondary legislation. This means they’re assumed to simply deliver the detail of the original Act and…

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Local pay plans could lose the economy almost £10bn a year

16 Jul 2012, by in Public services

Today the TUC published research by the New Economics Foundation which comprehensively debunks the government’s arguments for localising public sector pay. It also models the economic impact that the proposals could have, finding that they could cost the economy up to £9.7bn per year. Even in the ‘best case’ scenario, accepting the government’s highly contestable argument that public…

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Local pay in the Budget? A recipe for unfairness and inequality

20 Mar 2012, by in Labour market, Public services

Over the last few days there have been reports that the Chancellor is considering introducing regional or local pay for some public sector workers in the Budget. As colleagues have blogged before, public sector pay supports local and regional economies, ensures fairness and transparency and promotes equal pay. Moving away from this to a system that would entrench…

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