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Government’s NHS promises in tatters

21 Nov 2011, by in Public services

Two stories published in the last few days should convince any remaining doubters that the Government’s promises to protect the NHS are in tatters. Cuts, growing waiting lists and the massive top-down reorganisation of the NHS are all taking their toll. Research published by the Royal College of Nursing today finds that more than 56,000 NHS posts…

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Low-paid women miss out on pensions ‘promise’

18 Nov 2011, by in Pensions & Investment

The TUC published analysis today that shows more than 800,000 low paid public sector workers – 9 out of ten of them women – could lose out despite a government commitment to protect low earners from pension contribution increases. The government is seeking an additional £2.8bn a year in contributions from members of public service pension schemes by…

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More than 2,200 charities facing cuts

02 Aug 2011, by in Society & Welfare

Research published today by False Economy shows that more than 2,200 charities are facing cuts to their budgets as local councils reduce or withdraw funding. The research is based on 265 Freedom of Information responses from local councils across England, and shows that charities face a net reduction of £110 million this year. In fact,…

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70% of public think Government is cutting too much

18 Mar 2011, by in Labour market

A quick plug for some interesting Ipsos MORI polling conducted for the Economist ahead of next Wednesday’s Budget. Covered in the Times (paywall), the polling found that 70 per cent of respondents think the Government is cutting too fast, only three in ten think the Government has got the balance between cuts and tax rises right, and…

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All together for the NHS

15 Mar 2011, by in Public services

The campaign to save the NHS from the dismantling signalled by the Health and Social Care Bill took an interesting turn at the weekend as Liberal Democrats queued up to denounce the proposals, and the Government appeared to send mixed messages about the extent to which they might be persuaded to change course. Unions from…

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Cameron’s great public services sell-off

21 Feb 2011, by in Politics, Public services

Writing in the Telegraph today, the Prime Minister signals more clearly than ever the Government’s determination to dismantle the public sector by opening up all our public services to private contractors and voluntary organisations. The prospect of the privatisation of health, education, libraries, parks, social care and much more will be set out in an…

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