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Britain’s livelihood crisis: A permanent way of life?

06 Jun 2011, by in Economics

It’s now over a year since the end of Britain’s most recent recession, but for many households the pain continues. In fact the financial hardship that some families currently face is greater than in the depths of the downturn. The Government’s own forecasts show that wages are going to trail behind inflation for several years…

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The IoD should be careful what it wishes for

11 May 2011, by in Economics

I’ve been at the O2 in Greenwich today, to speak to the Insitute of Directors (IoD) annual convention. I always admire the way the IoD doesn’t pussy-foot around. They’re very clear that they don’t just back the spending cuts, but want more of them – and want them more quickly. But in their desire to…

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The real alternative to the cuts myths

22 Mar 2011, by in Economics, Politics

I’ve been at the EEF in London today, to give this year’s Warwick-ACAS Lowry lecture. I wanted to use the opportunity to talk about some of the myths underpinning the government’s programme of fast, deep spending cuts. Here’s some of what I said. The TUC is no deficit denier. We know that borrowing one pound…

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Government needs a Plan B

26 Jan 2011, by in Economics

Yesterday’s dismal growth figures and the Governor’s revelation that ordinary people are paying a heavy price for the government’s economic policies, on top of huge cuts in vital services, make a plan B even more necessary. In his budget the Chancellor must change course. Above all the government needs a growth strategy that can get…

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OBR report: Planning for job losses?

29 Nov 2010, by in Economics, Labour market

No doubt the Chancellor will try to spin today’s OBR “Economic and fiscal outlook” report as a vindication of his approach. But a closer look at the figures reveals that even by the time of the next election, the OBR expects well over a million people still to be claiming unemployment benefit. In short, by…

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Young Review: Predictable, but still a disappointment

15 Oct 2010, by in Working Life

After much anticipation, Lord Young’s review’s of health and safety is out this morning. His recommendations are as predictable (indeed every bit as predictable as we’d predicted), but they still manage to be a grave disappointment all the same. The report contains not a single proposal that will reduce the high levels of workplace death,…

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