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We need a huge campaign against the cuts

08 Sep 2010, by in Economics, Politics

Next week the TUC holds its most important Congress in decades. We face government policies that will do great damage to this country. Its programme of cuts, privatisation and redrawing the state is far more radical and dangerous than we have seen since the 1930s. Almost no part of the country, our economy or society…

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Deregulation is not dead – But it should be

08 Jul 2010, by in Working Life

Brendan will be debating the future of employment regulation against the BCC’s David Frost at a lunchtime event on July 15. You can read a response from David Frost here, or come to the debate itself by registering online at Over the last few decades the business lobby has never been slow to tell…

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Budget: Economically dangerous – socially divisive

22 Jun 2010, by in Economics

This Budget got the big judgement about the economy wrong. The economy is still fragile, and today’s measures will certainly slow recovery and could well stop it in its tracks. Spending and benefit cuts together with the VAT increase will take much needed spending power out of the economy. The private sector has been hit…

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Young Review: Health and safety gone bad

14 Jun 2010, by in Working Life

We’re concerned about this morning’s announcements of a new review of health and safety legislation. Lord Young of Graffam plans to: ‘investigate concerns over the application and perception of health and safety legislation, together with the rise of the compensation culture over the last decade’. This doesn’t look to be an open and frank review…

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Wrong time to cut youth employment programmes

24 May 2010, by in Labour market

The £6.2bn of spending cuts announced by the Government today are deeply worrying. With the UK economy and the economies of our trading partners in Europe so fragile, this is not the right time to be cutting back. According to the Treasury document, the Government intends to save: “£320m from ending ineffective elements of employment…

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Labour needs to understand the electorate again

22 May 2010, by in Politics

This post is taken from my speech to Progress‘ annual conference today. You can read a full copy of my speech on the TUC website. Elections should be great debates about competing visions and priorities, when parties show they understand peoples’ real lives and are on their side, both in their daily struggles and long…

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New government: No mandate to risk the recovery

12 May 2010, by in Politics

This new Government comes to power at a very difficult time for the economy. As today’s unemployment figures show, we’re still suffering from the effects of the deep recession. The recovery is fragile and the public finances gap needs to be closed. An inconclusive election has certainly not provided a mandate for swingeing cuts in…

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