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Budget ’09: Much to welcome, but not bold enough

22 Apr 2009, by in Economics

There is much to welcome in this budget, particularly action on youth unemployment, some first steps in creating a fair tax system and better support for the unemployed. There is some help for construction, and a Strategic Investment Fund provides real resources for Monday’s welcome industrial strategy. Pensioners will welcome the increase in capital disregards.…

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Share the pain

27 Mar 2009, by in Economics, International, Politics

The G20 summit will meet in desperate times. Not since the 1930s has the entire world been gripped by deep recession and never before has it faced a threat such as climate change. In the UK those who lose their jobs and homes as mass unemployment returns face real hardship. This may well be the…

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Lindsey is about the future of globalisation

04 Feb 2009, by in International

Exactly what has happened over the Lindsey refinery construction contracts is still far from clear. Undoubtedly too, the motives of the protesters and strikers are not all the same. Unions see the action as a defence of negotiated standards and a call for UK-based workers to have a fair chance of applying for jobs. Some…

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