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The Transatlantic trade deal will not create export-led growth

12 Nov 2013, by in Economics, International

The Conservative Party’s general election manifesto could not have been clearer: A sustainable recovery must be driven by growth in exports’. A preceding speech by George Osborne specified ‘net exports’, explaining that rising exports had to be matched by falling imports, as Britain once again became a nation of ‘makers’ rather than simply consumers. Yet…

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Cash for pensions

05 Sep 2013, by in Equality, Pensions & Investment

The TUC has today published the 2013 edition of PensionsWatch. Anyone familiar with previous editions in this series (which began in 2003, looking at directors’ pensions in FTSE 100 companies) will find its main results depressingly well-rehearsed, although alarming nonetheless. However, this year’s report documents evidence that not only are directors of the UK’s biggest…

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The government’s response to MPs on pension scheme governance

28 Jun 2013, by in Pensions & Investment

Back in April the Work and Pensions select committee recommended a single regulator for workplace pensions, following severe criticism of the Financial Services Authority (now the Financial Conduct Authority), one half of the dual regulatory structure, alongside the Pensions Regulator. I blogged about the issue here at the time. The government has now responded –…

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