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Unhealthy development: DFID promotes health privatisation

02 Sep 2016, by in International

The recent exposure of the scale of the government’s toxic healthcare privatisation plans has reignited the debate on in whose interest should the NHS be run – patients or shareholders. NHS deficits, caused in part by extortionate Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes, are providing the government with the perfect cover to hand over the most…

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Ending union check-off arrangements would be disruptive, centralist, and make absolutely no sense

27 Oct 2015, by in Politics

Just as it seemed the Trade Union Bill couldn’t get any worse, the government confirmed last week that it is pushing ahead with its last minute amendment to the bill – bringing in new plans to scrap check-off arrangements across the public sector. Check-off is the system through which employers make deductions for union membership via the…

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