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GDP figures: unsurprising underperformance

27 Apr 2016, by in Economics

GDP Headlines: With statistics released today showing that GDP increased by a paltry 0.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2016, evidence suggests that a strong and secure economy is still a long way off. This fall from the 0.6 per cent growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 was not unexpected. The average…

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The National Living Wage: a defence

20 Apr 2016, by in Labour market

This morning’s labour market release told a similar story to what we’ve seen previously: insipid wage growth and slowly rising employment. Yet some commentators have assigned a special weight to today’s figures, take this piece in the Evening Standard on Monday for example. This is because that whilst these stats are for Dec-Feb, they are…

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Black, qualified and unemployed: how the figures were found

15 Apr 2016, by in Equality

Today the TUC released analysis showing that for each level of education, BAME adults are significantly more likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts. In this post, I hope to provide a technical discussion about how these figures were calculated. For an important discussion of the underlying problems, as well as what the TUC thinks…

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Vocational education is letting young women down

11 Apr 2016, by in Equality

Vocational education is confused, and does not guarantee routes into good quality employment On the 8 April the Lords Social Mobility Select Committee published a report entitled “Overlooked and left behind: improving the transition from school to work for the majority of young people”. Damning and hard hitting, it concluded that the majority of young people…

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Tougher economic conditions, but the IFS suggests the Chancellor’s rules are holding back growth

09 Feb 2016, by in Economics

Yesterday the IFS set out a bleaker view for the economy and public finances in its Green Budget, which is published every year in the run-up to the Chancellor’s Budget Statement. Given the gloomy projections, let’s hope the government takes note, especially with regard to the fiscal mandate. Macroeconomic prospects: average Oxford Economics’ Andrew Goodwin…

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More likely to go to prison than university? But a degree doesn’t close the pay gap.

01 Feb 2016, by in Equality

David Cameron’s front page of the Sunday Times announced a concerted Government anti-discrimination drive. Targeting universities, the police, the courts and the armed forces he said steps must be taken to tackle the ongoing discrimination that “should shame our country and jolt us to action”. Controversially he claimed that “if you’re a young black man,…

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What is the future of monetary policy?

28 Jan 2016, by in Economics

This morning I went to a Resolution Foundation event about the future of monetary policy. Although I cannot claim to be an expert, having listened to the views of the panel I thought I’d make some reflections. The story of recent monetary policy During the Global Financial Crisis, the Bank of England cut its base…

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