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Don’t let young people be scrooged by bad bosses

10 Dec 2015, by in Working Life

The story of 15-year-old Jay El-Leboudy is a touching tale of a young man juggling part-time work alongside his school studies in order to buy his family Christmas presents. Except that’s not how the story ends. Because whilst Jay thought his ten weeks of work would be appropriately rewarded, his employer at the Londis store…

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Why no fanfare to the end of workfare?

27 Nov 2015, by in Society & Welfare

Compulsory unpaid work experience (‘workfare’) has long and rightly been criticised by by the TUC and others. Yet it now looks like the government may be planning to quietly end it. Buried in the Comprehensive Spending Review document, on page 89 to be precise, is this little nugget: “As the numbers claiming benefits come down, spending on…

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Are young people really just scroungers?

26 Nov 2015, by in Society & Welfare

There is a growing rhetoric that young people are lazy, work-shy and have an astonishing sense of entitlement. Such smears have been stated by employers, have saturated the media and are echoed by eminent politicians. For example in 2014 David Cameron said: “I want us to end the idea that aged 18 you can leave school,…

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