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IWD 2013: Women taking the hit. In every way

08 Mar 2013, by in Equality

Turn on the TV or open any newspaper and reports of attacks on women worldwide keep on coming. The numerous high profile rape and paedophile cases here in the UK, the gang rape cases in India, the recent shooting of Reeva Steenkamp in Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius’ home in South Africa, the continued use of…

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A modern Beveridge

27 Nov 2012, by in Society & Welfare

I contributed to the BBC’s excellent Radio 4 programme this morning commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the Beveridge Report. They asked me to set out what I thought needs to be done to bring it up to date, and this is what I said: One person was missing from Danny Boyle’s brilliant Olympics opening ceremony. …

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Trust in the Tories in tatters over the NHS

20 Feb 2012, by in Public services

Research by YouGov commissioned by Unite and released today has shown the damage that David Cameron and Andrew Lansley have done to their reputation over the NHS reforms.  The British people love the NHS, patient satisfaction is at an all time high and it is becoming very clear that the government threatens this beloved institution…

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NHS: 49% cap is a threat to us all

16 Jan 2012, by in Public services

Today the Commons is debating the Government’s plans to increase the cap on NHS hospitals ability to raise private income to 49%. It currently varies from hospital to hospital but is, on average, 1.1% so this represents a massive increase. Now some commentators have said that this is better than the original proposal to remove…

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