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Osborne gets it wrong on public sector pay… again

18 Sep 2013, by in Public services

A new report published today by the UK’s foremost labour market specialists calls into question a number of recent claims made by the Chancellor on public sector pay. The research, from Incomes Data Services, challenges George Osborne’s statement that pay progression (annual salary scale increases) in the public sector differ markedly from the private sector.…

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Is there really a public sector pay premium?

23 Nov 2012, by in Public services

With a government determined to depress public sector wages through pay freezes or localising pay determination, the statistical evidence on public/private sector pay comparisons has never been more used and abused. UNISON’s view is that these attacks are willfully divisive and designed to distract attention from the government’s growth-strangling economic policy. We argue for a…

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The final nail in the coffin for regional pay?

23 Aug 2012, by in Public services

George Osborne’s treasured policy of introducing regional and local pay in public services has always looked like a house of cards, and new evidence published today finally brings it tumbling down.   A new report from expert labour market analysts shows that his central justification for introducing the policy is palpable nonsense. In his 2011 Autumn…

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