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UK welfare benefits fall short of international standards

15 Jun 2017, by in Economics

Within hours of the General Election, the government was held to account on the international stage for the failings of the UK welfare system – with worker reps from Sweden, France, Australia, the International Transport Federation all calling on the UK government to bring UK provision into line with international minimum standards. The International Labour…

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#DecentJobsWeek: Time to end the two-tier workforce

17 Dec 2014, by in Working Life

If the government is to be believed we should all be feeling more secure because the numbers in employment are rising. However, the reality is very different for many in precarious work, where exploitation is the norm and there is no prospect of escape or hope that things will improve. Employers argue that flexible contracts are good…

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#DecentJobsWeek: Too poor to be off sick

15 Dec 2014, by in Working Life

Until recently all of us assumed that when we are off sick we would still be paid, whether through a sick pay scheme negotiated by a trade union, through a company sick pay policy or, in the absence of these, through statutory sick pay (SSP). This seems perfectly reasonable in 21st century Britain.  No one…

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Stripping away job protections

13 Jul 2013, by in Working Life

Yesterday, the government announced its latest proposals aimed at stripping away basic workplace rights. Included in the announcement was the confirmation that two significant changes to unfair dismissal rules are expected to come into effect at the end of this month (on 29 July). The plans will make it cheaper and easier for employers to…

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