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What to do about employers’ tax relief on training?

01 Dec 2011, by in Working Life

In the current environment of fiscal austerity, most areas of government spending – including financial support from the government for work-related training – are under unprecented scrutiny. The training policy which carries the highest costs to the Exchequer – much more than subsidies for apprenticeships, for instance –  is tax relief on employer-provided training. This…

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Inequality and prosperity

14 Jul 2011, by in Economics

The UK is a very unequal country, and this extreme inequality is the result of major changes in the income distribution over the last thirty-five years, in particular large increases in inequality under the Thatcher government in the 1980s At the same time, according to recent data from the British Social Attitudes survey, three-quarters of…

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Showing the true value of public services

12 Sep 2010, by in Public services, Society & Welfare

Every year at Budget time, we are accustomed to seeing detailed analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and other commentators on how the Chancellor’s tax, benefit and tax credit changes will affect us. For example, the recent emergency budget was subject to fine-grained analysis from the IFS which produced the conclusion that George Osborne’s…

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Tackling the Red Tape Delusion

31 Mar 2010, by in Labour market, Working Life

The severe recession precipitated by the banking crisis of 2008 means the economy is likely to dominate policy debate in this election to a much greater extent than for any election since 1992, or even further back. But how will the economic crisis affect people’s views on the way the economy should move forward? For…

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