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Tracking The Labour Market Recovery

05 Oct 2015, by in Labour market

Developing better economic and employment policies for the future depends critically on distinguishing between changes that are temporary and cyclical and those which are long term and structural. In a recent report for the TUC, Tracking the Labour Market Recovery, we tried to do exactly that by comparing the current labour market recovery with the…

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What is the true extent of Labour Market slack?

16 Feb 2012, by in Labour market

The TUC recently published a report showing that there were in fact 6.3 million unemployed compared with the 2.7 million on the international standardised measure used by the International Labour Office (ILO).  This is 2.3 times higher than the standard ILO measure. The TUC measure is not however a measure of unemployment. It is based…

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Where will growth come from?

09 Nov 2009, by in Economics

Ian Brinkley will be speaking at Beyond Crisis, a TUC / Guardian one-day conference on progressive responses to the financial crisis on 16 Nov in Central London. Register for free tickets at The most recent growth figures (GDP) are a reminder that economic forecasting is a mug’s game. They show the UK economy was…

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