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A missed opportunity – the government’s corporate governance proposals

31 Aug 2017, by in Economics

I have a blog in The New Statesman, entitled Workers on boards was an enlightened idea – Theresa May should have stuck to it. It sets out the TUC’s comments on the government’s corporate governance proposals, after our initial response described the proposals as feeble. And in the Guardian, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and the Adam Smith Institute’s Sam…

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BEIS Committee of MPs says workers on boards should become “the norm”

05 Apr 2017, by in Economics

The BEIS Parliamentary Committee reports today on its corporate governance inquiry launched last autumn. There is much to welcome in its recommendations, which span workers on boards and remuneration committees, board diversity, executive pay, private companies, directors’ duties and enforcement. Here we set out the Committee’s main recommendations, and where we think they should go…

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Green Paper is a missed opportunity to create a Corporate Governance system that works for everyone

01 Dec 2016, by in Economics

The glaring omission of yesterday’s Corporate Governance Green Paper is its failure to include any proposals to deliver on Theresa May’s promise to put workers on company’s boards. On other issues, it includes a few sensible suggestions, but these are wedged between others that would make little or no difference to the status quo. Given…

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Worker board representation must mean what it says on the tin

29 Nov 2016, by in Economics

The government’s Green Paper on corporate governance is expected today (Tuesday 29th November) and should include the government’s proposals for putting into practice the Prime Minister’s repeated commitment to have workers represented on company boards. As I blogged last week, there are three key tests by which the TUC will judge the government’s proposals for putting…

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Prime Minister reconfirms commitment to workers’ representation on company boards before Autumn Statement 2016

23 Nov 2016, by in Economics

Speaking immediately before the #Autumn Statement to a packed House of Commons, the Prime Minister clearly said that the government would bring in worker representation on company boards: I believe that we should see workers’ representation on boards. I make no apology for the fact that this Government are going to deliver on that. This…

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Worker reps on company boards could happen within a year if PM makes good on her commitment

05 Oct 2016, by in Economics

Speaking today at the Conservative Party Conference, the Prime Minister repeated her commitment to introduce worker representation on company boards. The TUC has just published a new report All Aboard that sets out proposals for making this a reality, arguing that laws to put worker board representation into practice could be on the statute book…

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Total bonuses reach record high

15 Sep 2016, by in Labour market

Government figures out today show that total bonuses across the economy have reached the highest level ever, surpassing the previous high seen just before the financial crash in 2007-8. While the financial sector accounts for nearly one third of the total, the rate of increase in total bonuses has been faster in the rest of…

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Unions and investors come together to call time on poor employment practices at Sports Direct

06 Sep 2016, by in Pensions & Investment

UPDATE: The vote is in and 53% of the independent Sports Direct shareholders voted against management and called for an independent investigation. That’s a record level of support for an employment-related resolution in the UK. The final vote still won’t pass as Ashley himself owns 55% of Sports Direct shares, but it’s a major win for the…

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