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Big divide in fund manager voting

27 Nov 2012, by in Pensions & Investment

The TUC is publishing its tenth Fund Manager Voting Survey today. Once again the Survey shows just how much fund managers vary in their approach to voting at the AGMs of companies whose shares they hold. Pension fund members and trustees can use the Survey to see how their fund manager compares to others in…

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Executive Pay – Mind the Gap!

12 Nov 2012, by in Economics

Despite the so-called ‘shareholder spring’ and an increased focus on executive pay from both media and government, the gap between the pay of UK company directors and the rest of the UK’s workforce has continued to grow. Figures from IDS last week showed that total earnings for FTSE 100 directors grew by 10% at the…

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Stripping Fred Goodwin of his peerage is no substitute for tackling excessive executive pay and reforming the financial sector

02 Feb 2012, by in Economics

Yesterday’s papers were full of the news that Fred Goodwin has been stripped of his knighthood awarded in 2004 for “services to banking”. However pleasing this may be, it is no substitute for taking effective action to tackle excessive executive pay and reform the financial sector so that it serves the needs of the real economy…

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Is the tide turning on executive pay?

15 Jun 2011, by in Economics

Ed Miliband has put forward two proposals to tackle executive pay, both of which the TUC has campaigned for over many years. In a speech on Monday, the Labour leader said that under a Labour government, companies would be required to publish the ratio of their directors’ pay to average company employee pay. The gap…

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