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Europe needs solidarity, not new rules

28 Feb 2012, by in International

Former TUC and ETUC General Secretary Lord John Monks sets out his views about the challenges facing the European Union and why trade unionists are right to protest tomorrow about the new treaty due to be discussed by Europe’s leaders at the summit at the end of this week. Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of trade…

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Looking back on eight years at the ETUC

16 May 2011, by in International

My eight year stint as General Secretary of the ETUC ends shortly and I will return to the UK to try to make sense out of a new role in the House of Lords. I leave with mixed feelings – regret at leaving active engagement in the exciting European project, coupled with pleasant anticipation about working…

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Avoiding another Greek tragedy

10 May 2010, by in International

The intervention of the IMF in the British economy in 1976 cast a long shadow over the economic competence of Labour Governments. It was a time of national humiliation, a time that was not easily forgotten, and a time which dogged the Labour Party for over 20 years. I was in Athens last Wednesday (5…

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Greece and a New Social Deal for Europe

08 Mar 2010, by in Economics, International

The old joke “what’s a Greek urn?” has a new and depressing rejoinder: “a lot less than they did before the speculators arrived”. Throughout Greece, wages, pensions and services that ordinary people rely on are being slashed, and higher sales taxes are hitting their pockets, in an effort to compensate for the greed and speculation…

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