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Miliband right to call for emergency G20

02 Sep 2011, by in International

In his Financial Times article (£) yesterday, Labour Leader Ed Miliband MP has echoed the demand made a month ago by the global trade union movement for an emergency G20 summit. The economic case for G20 priorities to shift up a gear to create jobs and re-stimulate growth in the short term is overwhelming, especially given that Europe and North America…

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OECD’s backing of UK cuts is ill-advised and inconsistent

29 Oct 2010, by in International

Last week, the OECD’s Secretary General, Angel Gurría, issued a statement on the UK’s Comprehensive Spending Review, calling it “courageous”, “a necessary step to achieving long-term  fiscal stability” and “the best way to secure better public finances and bolster future growth”. At TUAC, we think his quotes are both ill-advised and inconsistent with the OECD’s…

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