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Budget blogs: Springing into action…

13 Feb 2017, by in Economics

The new(ish) Chancellor’s first Budget, due on 7th March, would normally be seen as a key political moments in the year. It’s an opportunity for Government to dominate the headlines and give a cash based indication of their priorities. But with Brexit hoovering up political attention, not to mention what’s happening across the Atlantic, there’s…

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Globalisation isn’t a ‘given’

13 Jan 2017, by in Economics

The impact of globalisation on working people’s wages, jobs and prospects emerged as one of the key themes of 2016, following the seismic political developments in both Europe and the US. 2017 sees no sign of the debate going away. The policymaking community is figuring out how to react. As Gavin Kelly put it:  ’tis…

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What we talk about when we talk about insecure work

16 Dec 2016, by in Economics

Today sees the launch of a new TUC report mapping insecurity at work in Britain today, and how key risks associated with work have been transferred to working people, while the financial rewards from flexibility accrue to employers. We find that 3.2 million workers, one in ten, face insecurity in their working lives, due to…

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High hopes for the Taylor review?

30 Nov 2016, by in Working Life

Matthew Taylor’s independent review of working practices launches today. We’re looking forward to working with him. Here are the things we think his review has the potential to change for working people: Making sure everyone can access decent rights at work Access to key workplace rights including protection against unfair dismissal, and family friendly rights, depend…

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Five things we’ve learnt about pay today

26 Oct 2016, by in Labour market

Today – ASHE Wednesday in our office – saw the publication of the annual figures on pay across the UK (ASHE is the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings). Here’s five things we’ve learnt: The National Living Wage is making a difference The introduction of the National Living Wage in April this year raised the…

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