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What is happening to child poverty?

28 Feb 2014, by in Society & Welfare

Measures, measures everywhere and not a drop of sense. This morning George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith put their new child poverty strategy out to consultation with the claim that they have reduced child poverty by 300,000 to date, while at the same time denigrating the yardstick they appear to be performing so well against.…

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The Benefit Cap’s Shaky Foundations

08 Aug 2013, by in Society & Welfare

The benefit cap is totemic of welfare reform and a policy from which the government is unlikely to retreat, even though the DWP’s own figures (discussed yesterday in Richard’s post) show that the biggest losers are children in poor families. But is the basis of the benefit cap as secure as the government thinks? Last…

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Getting The Benefit Cap Wrong

30 Jul 2013, by in Society & Welfare

By September 2013, when the roll-out of the benefit cap is complete, more than 50,000 low-income families will see their total weekly income reduced to £500 regardless of their assessed needs. According to the government, the benefit cap has a clear rationale: it will ensure that families claiming out of work benefits and the average…

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