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Another graph for Nicky Morgan: Public service cuts make budget inequality even worse

23 Mar 2016, by in Public services

The hapless performance of Education Minister Nicky Morgan on BBC’s Newsnight when confronted with evidence of the distributional impact of her government’s tax and benefit cuts made for cringeworthy TV. Morgan seemed genuinely shocked at the disproportionate losses inflicted on lower earners that was so starkly demonstrated by the Institute of Fiscal Studies chart. And so she should…

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#Budget2016: No let up for the public services squeeze

16 Mar 2016, by in Public services

2019/20 is shaping up to be a very tough year for public services, with enormous pressure on departmental budgets as the Chancellor attempts to achieve his budget surplus in that year. £3.5bn additional cuts to departmental budgets – excluding those protected areas of education, health, international aid and defence – will need to be found…

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A Happy New Year for the NHS?

21 Dec 2015, by in Public services

There’s no doubt about it, the last 12 months have been a bumpy ride for our National Health Service. Will 2016 be any better? A year that started off with the government negotiating its way out of a bout of unprecedented industrial action involving NHS workers in England from nurses and midwives to paramedics and…

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Has the #SpendingReview fully funded the NHS?

25 Nov 2015, by in Public services

There are two competing but related health service ‘narratives’ being promoted in the immediate aftermath of the spending review. The first is that George Osborne has listened and delivered the “biggest ever commitment to the NHS since its creation”. The second is that Simon Stevens, head of NHS England, has played a blinder running rings…

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Public sector workers in the firing line (again)

20 Nov 2015, by in Public services

George Osborne has certainly got his work cut out with the Spending Review next week. On the one hand, the Chancellor has pledged to find a further £20bn of departmental cuts in order to meet his spending targets. On the other, he has a fresh commitment to find £4bn for cyber-security and military spending in the wake…

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Public services? “Shareholders first” say CBI

29 Sep 2015, by in Public services

In one of his occasional speeches on public services last month, David Cameron eulogised the role that private companies play in revamping things: What energises many markets are new insurgent companies, who break monopolies and bring in new ways of doing things. Opening up contracts to small businesses spreads entrepreneurship and drives innovation The innovation…

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What does austerity mean?

20 Jul 2015, by in Public services

 “What is austerity?” was one of the most common Google searches during the televised leaders’ debate during the general election campaign in May. To many, public finances appear as a stream of disconnected data, huge numbers and percentages trotted out during budgets and spending reviews that seem as alien and remote as NASDAQ stock prices…

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Market competition is stifling vital innovation in our NHS

09 Apr 2015, by in Public services

It is increasingly clear that any government coming into power after the next election will be faced with unprecedented challenges across the NHS. The legacy of five years of government-imposed austerity and top down restructuring is a growing financial crisis, with even our best performing hospitals sliding into deficit, staff morale at rock bottom and…

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Privatised cancer care: What could it mean for the NHS?

16 Mar 2015, by in Public services

A leaked document exposed today by openDemocracy shows the potential impact that privatisation could have on cancer care services in Staffordshire. Four CCGs have combined to put a massive contract, worth £700m over ten years, out to tender. What makes this particularly concerning is the use of a ‘prime provider model’ that would see a single…

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