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Five ways the government is failing NHS patients

13 Mar 2015, by in Public services

In its damning report last month, the King’s Fund health think tank criticised the government’s NHS reforms as “damaging and distracting” for introducing even more markets to the NHS, for making it too complex to govern properly and lacking effective leadership. The man behind these reforms, former health secretary Andrew Lansley, dismissed the report, saying that the…

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What impact does outsourcing have on public services?

11 Mar 2015, by in Public services

It has been a mantra of successive governments that the public do not care who provides their public services, only what works in practice. But surveys and opinion polls are pretty consistent in demonstrating public unease and scepticism about the role of private companies in the delivery of public services. A gap has opened up in…

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Public Contracts Regulations: Government getting it badly wrong on public procurement

10 Mar 2015, by in Public services

With around £230bn spent by the government on goods and services and with outsourcing increasing across the public sector, getting the commissioning and procurement framework right is of vital importance in shaping the future of our public services. So it is concerning to see the way the government has rushed through the Public Contracts Regulations…

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NHS workers are striking for us all

21 Nov 2014, by in Public services

This Monday will see the second day of strike action by NHS workers in a dispute with the government that seeks to deny a recommended 1 per cent pay rise. This dispute cuts to the very heart of the crisis building within our health service as a result of the unprecedented funding squeeze imposed by…

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Privatisation is a real and growing threat to our NHS – MPs have an opportunity to stop it

18 Nov 2014, by in Public services

Another day brings us yet another worrying example of the private take-over of NHS services. David Cameron’s dismissal of privatisation fears as “nonsense” is becoming increasingly untenable. A report from the Health Service Journal (£) shows that East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has short-listed two private companies for a £280m contract to run services for…

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