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Ten Reasons to Vote

06 May 2015, by in Politics

The election campaign is coming to an end, and it’s time to mark your ballot. We’ve put together ten big issues which can be changed by the next government, depending on who we vote for.  But first the practicalities… If you’ve registered to vote (yes, if you’re reading this, it’s too late now), then you…

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#Budget2015 roundup from the TUC

19 Mar 2015, by in Economics

The TUC’s economic and social affairs team has been working flat out to pick apart, scrutinise and analyse the final budget of this Parliament. Here are some of the most popular posts: 1. Welfare cutsThe Chancellor referred to £12 billion of welfare cuts. Nicola Smith crunches the numbers to see where those cuts could fall, while Richard…

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Britain’s Living Wage Blackspots

23 Feb 2015, by in Economics

One in five jobs pay less than the living wage. But you won’t find them evenly distributed across the UK. In some constituencies, over half of full-time workers get less than living wages. We’ve mapped almost every constituency in England, Wales, and Scotland below:  Source: House of Commons Library analysis of ONS figures. More info. Remember – living…

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