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New business bank a ‘misnomer’

04 Sep 2012, by in Economics

While the case for the introduction of a British investment bank is compelling, the Chancellor’s planned ‘small business bank’ has been met with scepticism from business leaders. Citi economist Michael Saunders sums it up best, suggesting it had been a “misnomer” to call the Government’s plan a bank, and noting that: This new ‘business bank’…

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Who is blocking more creative QE?

14 Aug 2012, by in Economics

An interesting Gavyn Davis column in last week’s FT revisited the ongoing debate over whether the Bank of England should be taking additional action to support the economy through ‘unconventional’ forms of QE including central bank purchases of private assets  or the establishment of a direct lending institution funded by the Bank (as Adam Posen has argued…

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Today’s dreadful GDP data

25 Jul 2012, by in Economics

You can read TUC reaction to today’s appalling GDP figures across the blogosphere. Our Deputy General Secretary Frances O’Grady has a post up at the Guardian, and on the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog Duncan Weldon reflects on the comparisons between the rhetoric of the current Government and those who were in power in the…

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New Government survey shows only the finance sector thinks regulation is the biggest business burden

29 Jun 2012, by in Economics

Today BIS published their new ‘business perceptions survey‘ proudly proclaiming that: The burden of regulation is beginning to lift, according to an independently produced report. Fewer firms cite regulation as an obstacle this year, compared with recent years. This is correct, but is to somewhat understate the main finding of the report, which is that…

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Budget 2012: No help for young unemployed people

21 Mar 2012, by in Labour market

Today’s Budget contained no help at all for young unemployed people. All we learnt was that: Government also recognises that the best route out of unemployment for some young people will be starting up in business, but that it can be difficult to obtain the skills and capital required. Building on the support already availible,…

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A tax cut for those paying the 40p rate: £42.20

21 Mar 2012, by in Economics

Interesting to note that while announcing his personal allowance tax cut the Chancellor failed to mention that ‘the basic rate limit will be reduced, from £34,370 to £32,245 in 2013-14, so most higher rate taxpayers will get one quarter of the benefit a typical basic rate taxpayer will receive’ (page 29). Firstly, this means that…

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