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Are pensioners paying for corporation tax cuts?

21 Mar 2012, by in Economics

The Budget policy costing document reveals that the additional cut in corporation tax is set to cost us £880 million by 2015-16.  But at the same time, the rather opaque announcement that ‘age-related allowances’ for pensioners will be frozen and restricted to existing recipients from April 2013 will raise over £1 billion by the same…

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How can the Budget help address our investment shortfall?

18 Mar 2012, by in Economics

As the TUC’s Budget Submission set out earlier this week, the UK economy is facing a huge investment shortfall. With (as our most recent Economic Report showed) Government growth forecasts dependent upon investment overtaking consumption as a proportion of GDP by 2016, and a 7.7 per cent annual rise in business investment needed over 2012…

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Why scrapping the 50p tax is wrong

17 Mar 2012, by in Economics

If newspaper reports are to be believed, the 50p tax rate is toast. Britain is apparently set to show she’s ‘open for business’ by endorsing the view that as the rich get even richer the rest of us benefit from the growth and investment that their spiraling incomes and additional effort bring. In contrast, the…

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Is permanent austerity inevitable?

14 Mar 2012, by in Economics

Last night’s Newsnight started from the premise that demographic change will create an unquestionable black hole in our future public finances. But such a gloomy prognosis does not have to be inevitable. The OBR say themselves that such long-term forecasting is ‘highly uncertain’  – and the idea that at any point in our history anyone…

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We need real action to tackle youth unemployment

01 Mar 2012, by in Society & Welfare

Today the TUC has published ‘Generation Lost‘ (written by Paul Bivand, of Inclusion), a new analysis of young people’s jobs prospects and the action that is needed to improve them, both now and in the future. The report makes worrying reading, highlighting that whatever you make of unpaid work experience there is currently no evidence…

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Welfare turns into workfare, but unpaid work won’t solve the jobs crisis

17 Feb 2012, by in Society & Welfare

The Government’s ‘work experience’ programme has been moving up the news agenda, with the FT, the Express and the Daily Mail among those whose reports of yesterday’s ‘error’ (when an unpaid placement was advertised as a ‘vacancy’ on the Jobcentre Plus website) defined the programme as a ‘workfare scheme’. And even the Institute for Economic…

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Under-employment: the scale of the labour market challenge

15 Feb 2012, by in Labour market

The TUC achieved widespread coverage yesterday by highlighting the growing scale of under-employment across the UK.  With papers including the Mirror, the Guardian, the Independent and the Metro covering our analysis and many broadcast media running the story. Today’s figures show the picture is still extremely challenging, with 2.67 million people unemployed, 2.26 million people…

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