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Last of the ex-building societies

28 Sep 2008, by in Economics

The Government’s decisive intervention to nationalise Bradford and Bingley is welcome. It contrasts with their dithering about Northern Rock. Then they seemed more worried about breaching the new Labour commandments against nationalisation than doing what everyone else could see was both inevitable and about as far removed from 1945-style nationalisation as possible.

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the left and the financial crisis

19 Sep 2008, by in Economics

Economic policy has been unfashionable on the left (in its broadest sense) for more than a decade. New Labour has never been very interested in developing a critique of the way the economy worked. Despite real efforts to relieve poverty through tax credits, the minimum wage and other measures, it has always wanted to be the…

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The CBI’s rose-tinted specs

08 Sep 2008, by in Labour market, Working Life

The CBI cannily time their annual labour market survey to the opening day of the TUC congress. Sometimes it’s what we in the communications trade call a spoiler – an attempt to muscle in on the natural media attention paid to the TUC (and of course sometimes the TUC does the same with the annual…

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Job insecurity is a problem

01 Sep 2008, by in Economics, Labour market

Stumbling and Mumbling is an economics blog that is always worth reading. Even when you disagree, it makes you check your own position. But his take on the TUC’s job security poll is a bit off the mark. He says “this survey is no evidence whatsoever of an impending economic downturn” But that is not what…

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