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FT writers compete for ‘most complacent’ title

15 Nov 2008, by in Economics, Politics

As activists, campaigners and most people in the global south demand a new global economic and financial settlement, the west’s business media are alive with the sound of staggering complacency and self-centredness and nowhere is that clearer than in Friday’s blogs from the FT’s Brussels and Foreign affairs editors, Tony Barber and Gideon Rachman.

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Addressing the ‘white working class’ – sense beginning to break out?

31 Oct 2008, by in Equality, International

David Lammy MP has said something sensible about the ‘white working class’ issue that’s been rearing its ugly head again recently. Trade unionists are rightly worried about suggesting it’s sensible to segment the working class by race (interesting note – apparently it’s ok to talk about the working class – normally discouraged by politicians as…

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Bush: trade sanctions on Bolivia for NOT restricting trade

20 Oct 2008, by in Economics, International

OK, to be honest, Bush’s sanctions on Bolivia are about Bolivia’s alleged failure to control drug trafficking, rather than trade generally. But I’m at a Wilton Park conference on labour/environmental standards in trade agreements, and the irony struck me. At our conference, trade unionists, employers and trade negotiators are disagreeing about whether the World Trade…

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A ‘modest proposal’ on immigration?

19 Oct 2008, by in International

New immigration Minister Phil Woolas has spoken out on immigration, and, true to form, has revealed that the brief he’s been given is, as always, to sound tougher than the last guy! He has told the Times that he wants to make it harder to enter the UK, and indeed that the Government doesn’t want…

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Neo-cons move over, it’s time for the neo-socs

10 Oct 2008, by in Economics

Samuel Brittan gave over much of his Financial Times column on Friday to quote Keynes approvingly. He’s not the only sinner to repent since the global financial system went into meltdown. It’s not just the commentariat – look at all the right wing politicians who have abandoned deregulation and liberalism to nationalise the banks (and…

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Is your company refusing to allow a union in China?

09 Oct 2008, by in International

LabourStart, the website “where trade unionists start their day” took me to China Daily today, and a report on efforts by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) to unionise foreign-based multinational companies. It reported that the following companies were proving very resistant: Wyeth, Microsoft, 3M, AstraZeneca and PwC. Maybe you work in one of their…

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