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A lurch towards common sense on working time

23 Sep 2008, by in Working Life

Yesterday the Labour Party Conference voted to end the UK’s individual opt-outs from the Working Time Directive. Predictably, the Daily Mail reported this as a ‘lurch to the left’ . It looks to me more like a lurch towards common sense. The 48 hour limit on average weekly working time is justified by a wealth of scientific…

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Not another article on house prices

11 Sep 2008, by in Society & Welfare

There is no doubt that the credit crunch has squeezed most of the life out of the mortgage market, but are house prices really falling as fast as the lenders say? The answer is ‘no’, and this is because a significant minority of houses are actually bought without credit and therefore do not show up…

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Flexibilising inflexible bosses

09 Sep 2008, by in Working Life

The debate on flexible working and homeworking has been hotting up this week. The CBI’s Autumn Economic Statement, which was published on Monday, argues that there has been a huge increase in homeworking in recent years. However, according to the official Labour Force Survey, there has been some increase in the number of employees who can work from home…

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